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Amanda Gordon long before the inauguration.
Poetry set in the Los Angeles Main Library.

This is really cool particularly if you have read the book  “The Library Book,” story of the L.A. library burning.  It is a gorgeous building. The speaker is lovely, too, as well as the poem.

A Matriarchal Society

This was quite  an interesting program on DW (Deutsche Welle) to celebrate women.

I had never heard of this matriarchal society and found it a very interesting program.   It is about 40 min, but has no advertising, and  is quite inspiring,  in spite of their basic existence.

Here is the link.

From The New York Times:

The Social Life of Forests

Trees appear to communicate and cooperate through subterranean networks of fungi. What are they sharing with one another?  What is the lesson for us?

      • Tired of walking everyday?  Mix it up with a quick and gentle Classical Stretch!

        9am on KPJK (ch. 43 on ATT Uverse)

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        6:30 am weekends on KQED (54 on ATT U)

        or just search your guide for Classical Stretch!

Historic Preservation: Enjoy virtual tours of historic sites. Here are a few to explore:

How to Know the Birds website offers images, calls and some fun facts about bushtits, adorable little grey fluffballs.

Read about memorable women and foreign lands:

  • Gertrude Bell, Queen of the Desert by Georgina Howell. “Gertrude Bell…was an adventurer, spy, archaeologist and powerful political force who travelled into the uncharted Arabian Desert and was recruited by British Military Intelligence to help reshape the Middle East after World War I. She drew the borders of Iraq, helped install its first king and established the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities… A true visionary, she advocated for Iraqi self-rule and openly criticized colonial policy.”

  • Fascinating account of the life of Marie Curie with a great numberof wonderful photos. In 1921, American women (including AAUW, but no mention in this article) participated in fundraising to purchase radium for her.