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.United States; VAWA (Violence Against Women Act of 1994)-  In the United States (VAWA) was enacted 26 years ago.  However, it has expired and in 2019 the VAWA Reauthorization Act of 2019 was introduced, passed the House and sent to the Senate, S.2843.  The Act now awaits action by the Senate.

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AB 732

Regulations for “dignified healthcare” for incarcerated pregnant women before & after birth

AB 1185

Authorizes counties to establish oversight boards for law enforcement agencies

AB 1196

Prohibits law enforcement agencies from using carotid artery or chokeholds

AB 1506

Creates a DOJ Review Board to investigate police killings upon request from law enforcement agency

AB 1927

Sexual assault victims can’t be prosecuted for drug/or alcohol offense from assault trial testimony

AB 2416

Homeless students can get financial aid even if they can’t meet “satisfactory progress” requirement

AB 2762

Prohibits sale of adulterated cosmetics

AB 3070

Creates assumption of prejudice when non-white jurors are excluded

AB 3121

Creates a Task Force to study and make recommendations on reparations to Blacks for the lingering negative effects of slavery

SB   973

Requires companies with 100+ employees to report pay data on employees by sex and race

SB 1383

Provides all employees right to take unpaid leave in excess of vacation time to enroll child in school and attend school activities or address school emergencies


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Legal Advocacy, An Update on Aileen Rizo’s Case

AAUW Mid-Peninsula members spent many days in the court house in support of Aileen Rizo. We were  proud to fight for Aileen Rizo and others by advocating for pay equity and fairness in compensation and benefits as a means to achieve economic self-sufficiency for all women.

A victory for equal pay! AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund plaintiff Aileen Rizo’s eight-year legal battle ended in July when the U.S. Supreme Court let a lower court decision— that employers cannot use salary history as a reason for paying men more than women—stand. AAUW stood by her and applauds that decision.

To read more about this case, go here: Aileen Rizo

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